• Margo

    Actually almost all the ideas were new for me. The most I liked “Facebook first” – such a tricky method. Seems like – no pain, no gain))
    Could you recommend something for companies focused on SEO servises, website development etc. ? Is it possible to apply to some of these methods above? I mean the effectiveness.
    Thank you very much. Waiting for another useful posts.

  • http://alialmoosawi.com/ Ali Almoosawi

    I agree with Margo, these are good points…but i think businesses should Not beg for Likes, it is a point of weakness! But the way LOFT asking for Likes is very smart…very good article, thanks for sharing..

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I definitely agree that businesses should not be begging for Likes, but these are some pretty clever ways to tie email and social engagement together. I really liked the Tea Collection’s idea. It got people talking and thinking about the brand AND drove real sales.