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    Good analysis Greg.  I think Foursquare is a good candidate for Openstreetmaps for a couple of reasons.  (1) Its user base is primarily in large urban centers where OSM is best.  If you read the comments below the blog post, they guys who complain about quality are in smaller towns but I suspect that’s not many on Foursquare. (2) they don’t need navigation, which is problematic on OSM (although it is being done in Germany and the UK with some success. (3) Foursquare has its own Places directory which they can overlay on OSM so they aren’t dependent on the place being in the OSM database.  That said, it will be interesting to see if Foursquare users accelerate the growth of OSM.  I suspect that the Venn diagram has little overlap. Also, I suspect Foursquare will want to keep its Places data out of OSM since that is a proprietary asset for them.  

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    Amateurs sure love spamming for no follow links. Amazing what some people think SEO is. Anyway, Google is making a bunch of bad decisions. Try to charge me for a map and I’d hurry up and switch.

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    Good article. Interesting that Microsoft charges for its maps. Garmin Connect gives you a choice of Google or Bing for maps. I wonder if they will change their map providers with the addition of Google Map fees. 

    Perhaps Google learned what Microsoft has known all along, you can charge for Maps.

    Not sure if anyone is reading this since spammers still have their comments live.

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    I’m surprised by this move because one of the main benefits of Google Maps is that it is easy to integrate into iOS and Android apps. Despite that OpenStreerMap could offer a lot more customisation in the future

  • http://borasky-research.net/about-data-journalism-developer-studio-pricing-survey/ M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

    Is Foursquare contributing *financially* to the Open Street Map project, or did they merely switch to take advantage of Open Street Map’s lower costs?

  • http://twitter.com/mprioleau Marc Prioleau

    The switch to OSM is only for the desktop browser version of Foursquare.  All mobile apps remain unchanged.  From the Blog:(A bunch of you have asked if this affects the maps in the foursquare app on your phone. It does not. We use the mapping components that come integrated with iOS and Android. Since the iPhone SDK and Android Maps API use Google Maps in connection with their platforms, we’ll still use those maps.)

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