• http://www.finservMarketing.com/ Mike Langford

    Aaron, I would add Disney theme parks, E-ZPass and Mobil’s Speedpass to this list as well.

    Disney, for nearly 20 years, has been allowing park goers to use their park pass as currency. When a visitor checks in to a Disney hotel they link their room key up to the credit card on file with the room and voila away they go to the parks without a care in the world. And now, Disney is rolling out digital wrist bands eliminate the need to carry a card in ones pocket. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/bands-cards/

    E-ZPass has dramatically reduced the friction for those who commute on toll roads. No more fumbling for change or trying to dig out your wallet. Simply zip through the E-ZPass lane and away you go. E-ZPass and other RFID systems aren’t as glamorous as some of the mobile tech we are falling in love with but they sure to make life quicker.

    Mobil’s Speedpass has also been around for quite some time and I honestly miss it here in Austin. (There isn’t an Mobil or Exxon station anywhere near me.) Gone are the days of full-serve stations. Most of us pump our own gas which means digging out your credit card, swiping it, punching some buttons and waiting. Speedpass allows you to just hold a tiny device up to the pump, or cash register, and your transaction is done in seconds. https://www.speedpass.com/ This is a seriously awesome potential use case for NFC once the tech is more widely rolled out in phones.

  • http://blog.vendhq.com/ Francesca Nicasio

    “The new “Holy Grail” for any business should be to make it as easy as possible for any customer to buy a product or service whenever and wherever they like, with as few clicks as possible.” –Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    As for other companies doing frictionless commerce right, I think CVS is worth mentioning. Its app is extremely user-friendly and it allows me to scan the barcodes of my prescription bottles for easy refills. That way instead of calling the pharmacy or physically dropping by to ask them to refill my prescription (and wait), I can use the app, and swing by when it’s ready, saving me time.

    The CVS app also allowed me to scan and store my membership card on my phone. Similar to the Starbucks app (which I’m also a fan of) it lets me use my phone at checkout to earn rewards instead of taking out the physical card.

    I also like what Crate & Barrel is doing. It’s not exactly frictionless “buying”, more like frictionless registry management. The C&B app lets users add items to their gift registry by scanning them with their phone. They can also track their registry in real-time online or via mobile so it’s also a frictionless experience across multiple channels.