• http://www.moderninsider.com/ Ted Sindzinski

    It’s completely reasonable that anything not overtly marketing (like, say, a pin a brand makes) should be labeled as such. Not for legalities but because it’s just good brand building in the “transparent age.”

    That said, I’m amazed how much attention is focusing not just on tech but on what’s really rather minor potential impact. Contrast an undisclosed sponsored share against a TV ad with 30 lines of 10 point text that’s up for 2 minutes. Or just walk down the street. Online & off, big & small, there’s far far worse happening that’s just not as big logo or new.

    Leave the marketing / tech circle and it’s clear people are getting confused. Flagging pinterest or a web co every few years is not scaring the shady camera stores in tourist towns one bit.

  • http://ouriel.typepad.com OurielOhayon

    Funny. a few days ago we were designing a draft of what native advertising should look like on pinterest. And we addressed in particular the point of disclosure and distinctiveness….http://blog.appsfire.com/how-would-native-ads-look-on-pinterest-part-1/