• RobertAKeller

    Yelp continues to call our business trying to extort us for advertising dollars. They call, solicit us, and when we decline, they tarnish our small business’ image on their website. http://qr.net/sgp9

  • doomedby2020

    Yelp removed all my good reviews and left my single bad one after i refused advertising.
    They will mess with your reviews, to mess with your rating, so you cannot benefit from their site (not that these businesses even want yelps so-called benefits).
    They hide behind free speech and decency laws and yet there is no freedom of speech nor any decency demonstrated at yelp.

    Hope their stock tanks…..further.

  • polar_traveler

    My small company has suffered the same experience — one negative review, okay, understood, but why do they filter out every positive, from clients who put a lot more effort into the review? Because we don’t pay yelp, apparently. http://www.yelp.com/biz/cheesemans-ecology-safaris-saratoga

    Eventually a class action lawsuit will stick, well deserved. There’s a move on.org petition against this abusive practice: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/pay-it-forward-ban-yelp

  • doomedby2020

    Your listing looks like mine, almost identical. Yelp has clearly identified you as a “non-contributor” . You can start buying advertising and they will stop burying your good reviews.


    After they took down all my good reviews I contacted the client who left me a bad review. She was a “yelper”. I gave her all the proof she needed, to know what Yelp was doing, this convinced her to remove her bad review. She no longer uses Yelp, she had no idea that Yelp was doing what they are being accused of.

    What you don’t want to do is try to change your company name/number/website on your listing.
    I did. 3 days later Yelp changed it back but left the bad number and locked me out of my listing. The story gets more bizarre from here but i will skip it. Eventually a Yelp salesman called me, offered yelp services and informed me that the wrong number was on my account.
    I declined yelps services, I’ve requested the number be changed 3 times, its been weeks and they still have not changed the number. I don’t think they ever plan to.
    They have since removed all uploaded photos.

    And people, even skeptics, believe yelp does not manually manipulate their reviews. It is an amazing display of naivete.

  • polar_traveler

    Stunning. Thanks for your reply. Yelp’s abusive, manipulative tactics are ultimately unsustainable and the short selling stock traders will one day have a feast on them.