• Joshua Ballantine

    Very interesting. I always wondered how programmatic affects search. Are there any companies that are already doing this type of programmatic buying on search?

  • http://predicative.com/ Chad at Predicative.com

    Audience data has been the traditional way to target since the practice started in the 50s. In recent years, three concerns have arisen around using data on individual preferences online:

    1) consumers and regulators becoming more protective
    2) the rise mobile which is a problem for cookie pools
    3) the US is saturated with cookies, but there are HUGE markets in other countries that Experian/Acxiom do not have consumer data on

    The truly new thing that is happening now is big data. This gives us targeting capabilities that challenges the traditional ways, and cannot be defeated by an adblocker. Combine THAT with RTB and you have the future of online advertising.

  • bryangiss

    So frustrating to see the line ” Google the ball is in your court”. This is what has gotten search into this mess. The potential for search is limitless, unless we continue to play by the rules Google is setting for the field. The only reason Google owns the market is because currently everyone is following them like lemmings. A better question to ask is who will be innovative enough to lead agencies and advertisers out of the silos of buying by category for display and back to buying by keyword with search to display. Once we answer that question then real progress can be made.