• Matt LaCasse

    Gatorade looks even dumber since James WAS drinking their product.

  • Colin Guidi

    I truly loved the memes floating around, it wasn’t just Gatorade who jumped on that ;)

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    The internet provides :-) Thanks for the comment @colinguidi:disqus

    This NotBillWalton exchange with Samsung is pretty funny: https://twitter.com/NotBillWalton/status/474954767270043649

  • Colin Guidi

    That was great. Seems like the joke only extended to one party on that one ;). A good way to head into the weekend, cheers @disqus_89DMzC6g3k:disqus

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Even better @colinguidi:disqus: Would you believe that LeBron was drinking Gatorade? http://deadspin.com/actually-lebron-james-was-drinking-gatorade-last-night-1587186858

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com/ Steve

    Again, a company apologizes needlessly for taking a crack at their competitor. It’s fair game. It wasn’t like they made some racial remark or something that was offensive to a group of people. So what if you make fun of your competitor? Where’s the sense of competition??

    Reminds of when Yahoo apologized on Twitter for making fun of Google when Gmail went down for a little while.

    I wish politicians were this honest and apologetic.

  • http://thechroniclesofrenard.blogspot.com/ Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Hmmm. After the damage was done, Gatorade decided to apologize; I would saw that it is too late for that.

    Lebron James, shouldn’t have been treated like that in the first place!