• http://www.buzzmaven.com/ Scott Clark

    Thanks! I’d love to hear how she and her team have managed the difficulties involved with the franchise model in Google (e.g. was the Penguin issue related to duplicate content per locale?) What about social strategy locally… many of Aftermath’s local social links are generic or broken. What advice would she give for that?

  • Dana Todd

    Happy to share, Scott. We are not a franchise, we’re centralized as an organization so we didn’t have the issue of dozens of competing sites. Our penalties were primarily because a previous consultant had used “spinner” software to create multiple sites with thousands of local pages (mostly dupe content) and linking rings. It was very black-hat. They had also signed up with a link-building service that dropped links on thousands of terrible sites, did comment spam, the works. It was every no-no that has ever been warned against. Of the 192,000 inbound links we had, about 100 of them were considered “healthy”. So…cautionary tale.
    Re: social strategy, we’ve been trying to collect all the rogue local accounts and get them consolidated. It’s a work in progress as we uncover them. We had to merge 4 corporate FB accounts recently, so there are some broken links out there until it purges. We’re getting some additional resources to help out with social, as it was not always valued by our company in the past – we had a total lockdown on any kind of social media activity by employees because of the level of concerns we had for confidentiality on our crime scenes; and, because we couldn’t tie it directly to lead generation it wasn’t a top priority for investment. Over time, we’ll evolve our social media policy but it will be with some guide rails in place.