• http://www.adamdince.com/ Adam Dince

    Great post, Shani! In terms of programmatic, is there a benchmark ROI at certain spend levels? How would you compare the ROI on programmatic to other forms of online paid advertising (e.g., PPC, Social Ads, Display Retargeting)?

  • Blair Symes

    Good summary of how programmatic works and its benefits to marketers. As with all marketing automation, the ultimate value lies in the data, in the AI’s ability to collect accurate data on engagement and conversions and use that data to make smarter decisions. That means being able to track both web and call conversions from programmatic. That call piece is especially important given that most programmatic ads will be consumed on smartphones, where a lead is more prone to call a business directly. A good voice-based marketing automation solution can assist with the tracking of calls from programmatic.

  • http://www.wecancanada.ca/ Alisha Jorden

    Yes, it’s a great post on Programmatic Advertising!!