• Monique_at_Bloosem

    Dear Shelley,

    Thanks for the post. However, I believe that the Contextual Targeting Tools has become/will become redundant because of the new Display Network tab in Google Adwords.
    You can now just easily copy your well performing Search campaigns to Contextual Campaigns.

  • Shelley Ellis

    Unfortunately search and contextual are different animals. That’s what’s so great about the contextual tool…it sees words in the context of content and online conversations…not in the context of how we use keywords in a search engine. 

    Just think of the contextual tool as opening the door to more opportunities to reach more people with a different set of keywords on a different platform.
    Google just released this today with their new Google Agency Edge model (training on the Contextual Targeting Tool): https://www.google.com/ads/agencyedge/#view&id=1170