• FabbJabb

    Now that loosk like it may well work. I like it.


  • http://profiles.google.com/bogorad bogorad

    >>> so the charts above show that very
    >>> few visitors to those sites are clicking
    >>> to share content on Google+.

    How would they know? It’s all encrypted AFAIR. Or maybe they are tracking visitors? Then why are you talking about ‘clicking to share’?

  • TweepForce

    Twitter lead over Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest shows that this platform has huge potential for digital marketers!! http://www.tweepforce.co.uk/blog/twitter-is-the-best-lead-generation-tool-for-businesses-or-brands/

  • daveintheuk

    Looks like sharing is broken…

  • VictorWhite

    You’re correct – the shares are encrypted. We handle the actions though (in this case shares) so the data is passed through our platform.

  • http://www.matmullen.com/ Mat Mullen

    Wonder what the Instagram vs Facebook breakdown is.

  • Uri Lederman

    How about we try a very simple experiment.. change your sharing buttons to allow for google+ button to be first… see if that makes a dent as to where things are being shared… I am just saying that MOST of the sharing widgets out there push facebook first, twitter second and then a combo between linkedin/google+

    Time will tell… but if I was a betting man (its how I lost the first house) I would certainly be betting on Google.. :-)

  • Bob

    The irony is how this article has 715 G+’s and only 49 linkedin shares….

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/112345958146857992786/posts David Blanar

    Are private shares tracked as well? Or only public shares?

  • Tobias Hellsten

    62% of social sharing of this post happens on Google+ :)

  • VictorWhite

    We track all shares (public and private) going through our share plugins. Users can control whether they want the share to be public or private but as long as they use our sharing technology to make the share, the data is collected by our platform.

  • AGWednesday

    So I read this:

    “A new report from Gigya says that only two percent of social sharing happened on Google+ in Q2 of this year (April-June 2013).”

    Wow! Google’s way behind.

    But then I read:

    “But rather than data crawling, Gigya would be measuring clicks via its social tools that are embedded on client sites — so the charts above show that very few visitors to those sites are clicking to share content on Google+….The company says its client roster has more than 700 leading brands — including ABC-TV, Pepsi, Toyota, Nike, American Idol and Verizon”

    And visited a few of those sites for gits and shiggles:


    Geez, I dunno, Gigya. Do you think that maybe your number might be thrown a bit off by the fact that the vast majority of your social plugins on your highest profile pages only support Facebook, Twitter, and (in some cases) Pinterest?

    Obviously, my finding are by no means scientific. A sample of five websites is pretty darn small. Then again, so is Gigya’s.