• sjudd

    In the post you say “Extended circles: only those who you follow or who are followers of those you follow” – it should actually be those you follow and the people they follow. It’s confusing…

  • daveintheuk

    Great feature!… Every day I wish more people I hadn’t given my email address to would email me!! And now, thanks to Google they can! I am so excited about all the great email I’m going to get as a result of this – thank you Google, you guys are THE BEST!

    Said nobody.

  • http://www.maxminzer.com/ Max Minzer

    Danny, you and most reporters out there got this wrong. I had a few observations and also heard from Google today and my observations were confirmed. We already had this option to have people email us with our Google+ settings. Had it from the very start of Google+ in 2011. You could control who could email you from your Google+ account – on one, your circles, extended circles or public. That option was always there – next to our avatar if you chose for people to email you.

    My observations:
    My Google+ settings for email were always “Extended Circles.” I received a few emails that way over the years. Emails through that Google+ option.
    When Gmail sent us an email yesterday and I checked my Gmail settings – my default settings were “Extended Circles” (just like my default G+ settings). Not “Anyone on Google+” as all reporters suggest to be default. That’s misleading reporting without fact-checking.

    What Google confirmed to me:
    They took the original Google+ option to email down from Google+. It wasn’t available for some time. And moved email option over to Gmail settings WITHOUT changing who can email you; without changing your original Google+ email settings.

    That’s something reporters don’t get/report because… most of them don’t use G+.

  • http://www.maxminzer.com/ Max Minzer

    Screenshot of this email option from March 2013:

  • Dave Fowler

    So if I’m reading this correctly, the Extended Circles option is barely more secure than having it set to Anyone. Someone wanting to spam you simply has to follow someone you follow, then they can reach you. It won’t be hard for the spammers to script something to do that automatically. If Google can pull off this update without turning our Google accounts into a spam-fest I’ll be impressed. They seem to be dipping a toe into Google Buzz territory here, and that’s dangerous.

  • sjudd

    No, someone you follow would have to follow them.

  • Dave Fowler

    That makes much more sense. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Bob Bigellow

    I agree. It is functionality that has been around for awhile and the only thing that’s happening now is Google is moving the settings around and advertising it more. Much ado about nothing, I say. If it’s a problem now, it should have been a problem in 2011. People love a good controversy every now and then, though. I guess they needed one for 2014.