• http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    @Ginny – I know you have little control over this, however I have to say the Auto start video with pumping music advertisement is an instant kill the page reaction for me. My recommendation for ML is to kill rich media video ads and stick with traditional display and image ads on lengthy article posts. At minimum, user controls interactions, do not allow auto anything! – Is that not what ML and SEL writes about so frequently? Cheers –

  • http://www.newportessentials.com/ paco cornholio

    The pitch to users: Scan more information quickly, to make sense of pending offers.

    The pitch to marketers: Increase your chances of reaching users, who will be more likely to open a single promo page than to open packs of individual messages. Also, Google will be able to increase relevance by presenting offers within context of user’s most recent actions (searches, reading, messaging).

    The value to Google: Opens up another pay-to-play option, where marketers can be charged for better exposure Iabove the fold, coincident with observed user needs, separated from competing offers) to users.

    The question to settle: If all of these offers are information, to whom does this information rightly belong? And, if it belongs to users, how does Google justify selling the presentation rights back to the marketers.

  • http://mailrelay.com/ Jose Argudo

    This looks very interesting, this could possibly increase the ROI on some email campaigns, but I wonder what would be shown in those text only emails, A default image? Are we going to need to include an imagen even on text emails? Lets see :)

  • http://www.PunchInTheFaceMarketing.com/ Steven Boehle

    You ask, why would Google do this? “The Promotions tab also gives Google new ways to present ads in Gmail.”

  • Chris Lee Vella

    This seems like a great idea! Would love to get my Promotions tab like this.


    Testing the test good or so good or—-

  • beebow

    @Nordstrom:disqus – Hey there, I’m the community editor for SEL & ML. We’re a bit stumped about your comment, as we don’t have any multimedia ads / video overlays running on either site. Would you be able to confirm with a screenshot / screencast so we can figure out what’s up and how to fix? Thanks :) -Lauren

  • Domenico Sacchi

    Thank you for sharing this article. I’ve tested the gmail sponsored promotions with interesting results in Italy. Obviuosly I have not enough data to compare CTR with other campaign.

    I’ve realized also an example of package to upload with a simple guide here http://www.siofactory.it/pub/gmail-sponsored-promotions-guide.pdf

    Hope it can be useful for someone.


  • http://StacieWalker.com/ Stacie Walker

    I’m looking forward to this!