• somebugs

    Still too much money

  • http://twitter.com/asholstein Andrew Holstein

    Soooo its a helmet cam in your glasses? Didn’t look anything like that original video they put up.

  • Brian Potter

    I’m very interested in Google Glasses. I want to own a pair. I don’t care about people skydiving! Show me this: A picture in picture with a person using the glasses, and a screen with what they see. Then show me them: Making a call, sending a text, checking email, getting directions, updating Google+, etc. Things *I* will do everyday. How do I take a picture? How do I answer or make a call? How will it work?? 

    Stop posting meaningless video with “hip” music. No one (outside of marketing) is going to stream a team of people skydiving.

    Then on top of that you announce $1,500 to developers and show a skydiving video? Why not show maps integration, social networking, taking payments, reading QR codes to show deals? Things that will make people MONEY.

    I’m tired of these pointless “tech” demos. Show me the product, show me how it works. Or better yet, ship me the product and I’ll make a video on how it works. It’s what I do!

    I really want to like this, Google. But you’re not giving me any reasons to trust it.

  • http://www.socialrascal.co.uk/ Liam ‘Lewy’ Shepherd

    If I’m totally honest the last thing I’d be doing with a pair of glasses that just cost me $1500 is jumping out of a helicopter whilst wearing them…


    Very interesting.  It’d be funny if everyone started wearing these glasses.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.


    How great would it be if everyone started wearing these?