• Pat Grady

    “Kee explains that the algorithmic approach takes the conversion rate for all users coming
    through a certain path and then compares that to a similar set that does
    not include exposure to a particular touch point.”
    This is the single, most exciting marketing sentence I’ve read this year!

  • Sam Mazaheri

    wow, GA premium only has “100s of users?” With so many on the free tool, i’m surprised more large sites aren’t paying up for premium. Do you all think they’ll lower pricing or differentiate premium anytime soon?

  • Ecommspark E

    Very interesting article, thank you Ginny. Many probably
    will agree with me that data driven attribution modeling sounds very cool and exciting.
    I also agree that its very important to let customers/companies of Premium
    version (Model Explorer) to see the insides/interior of attribution models and explain
    how credits were distributed on touch points. I also, wanted to mention that
    many people not happy with a price, that it’s very expensive. Well, lets not
    forget that to hire statisticians to build an attribution model is not cheap
    and its time consuming, their need to be found, hired, paid, and so on, so in
    my opinion, Premium version worth the money if additionally you also get a feature
    such as Data Driven Attribution.

    Good luck Google Analytics