• Alistair Dent

    In the screenshot above, the first two changes seem to be repeated at the bottom.


  • School management system

    Its really very good feature for me.
    Thanks 4 sharing

  • http://online-behavior.com/author/daniel-waisberg Daniel Waisberg

    Alistair, I think that was just me excited with the new feature :-) I tried adding and removing things a few times to see how it works…

  • http://twitter.com/VTDesignWorks Vermont Design Works

    Any idea why I don’t have access to the new “Change History” tab on ANY of my accounts, even though I’m an admin on ALL of them. I’m an admin on literally hundreds of accounts so I shouldn’t have any issue with this from the GA support page about the new change history feature:

    “The Change History is available only to users who can perform administrative tasks.”

    So what’s the problem?