• http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Great overview, Daniel – thanks!

    Isn’t another advantage over GWO one might list the ability to configure events as conversion goals?  I know this is possible in GWO, but despite Google’s claims that you can set this up “easily” in GWO, the process strikes me as bafflingly complicated, and required quite a lot of additional coding.

    Am I right that Content Experiments offers better integrated support for setting up tests using events as goals, or am I overstating the advantages of CE over GWO here?

  • http://www.kezber.com/ Etienne Dupuis

    What a great week for Google. Replacing Google Places with G+ was solid, now moving Optimizer within GA ! Thank you!

    I wonder what will happen to the Website Optimizer Partners?

  • http://online-behavior.com/author/daniel-waisberg Daniel Waisberg

    You are right Aaron, this is a huge advantage. The capability to use Google Analytics goals makes the conversion tracking much easier. As you said, with events this is especially important.

  • http://fotohelp.kz/ Блог фотографа

    there is no Experiments in russian GA :(

  • http://www.vejaisso.com/ Felipe Veiga

    How can I test these changes on a dynamically generated content, in my case wordpress?
    Should I have X number of posts, all with rel canonical to the main one and put the script on these pages alone? 
    Also, can I set Adsense revenue as goal? I can’t seem to do that, which makes testing of publicity based websites extremely hard. 

  • Mark Castaldo

    I have been using GWO for a while, this update is only going to take away functionality that I used to have. 
    I could always integrate GWO with GA by using custom variables, with that i got advanced segments, bounce rates, and any other slew of stats I could need from GA. I also had the ability to do as many tests as I wanted, combinations of A/B and multivariate, multivariate tests inside of A/B tests, and other more complicated tests. I’m glad this is easier to implement now, (1 copy / paste section of code) but the update hurts the power users. Highly dynamic sites will still require custom setups to get tests operating properly. I guess its a little early to moan and groan too much.. I’m going to wait a few months to see what google does. 

  • Alba_s

    Improved statistical engine for analyzing experiments, which will help making decisions faster about the winning/loosing pages.”

    Can you elaborate on how they’ve changed statistical analysis– apart from declaring no test winner for at least 2 weeks? 

    It appears that the user will still have no control over the confidence level a test page variation must hit to be declared the winner.

  • http://online-behavior.com/author/daniel-waisberg Daniel Waisberg

    Etiene, they will also be renamed to something related to Google Analytics…

  • http://www.facebook.com/dennisgjordan Dennis Bunchofgrapes Jordan

    I dont have access to this tool yet. (working from Germany for a German Website).

  • http://www.convert.com/ Convert.com Experiments

    Daniel, great summary. When I saw this immediately launched Convert Experiments (today) on http://www.convert.com A/B AND multivariate testing, GA integration, live-stats, not variation limits, and slipt testings… ahh ohh and ecommerce revenue, orderitems and transaction tracked with script or automatic from Google Analytics… sweet right.

    Check it out on http://www.convert.com/convert-experiments/ and for anyone stuck with lots of multivariate tests contact me Dennis, and we will migrate the GWO multivariate test to our system.

    Thanx for the post Daniel… still got room for new guest-post on your personal OB site? My old one was months ago.

    Dennis van der Heijden

  • http://www.convert.com/ Convert.com Experiments

    Hi Alba,

    You need control over confidence level, test duration (min and max) keeping winner and cutting losers? Try http://www.convert.com we launched last week and can do all that while having a seamless integration with Google Analytics.

  • http://www.convert.com/ Convert.com Experiments

    Hi Felipe, 

    Testing dynamic pages is possible but adsense revenue as a goal is not an option at this moment. Even ecommerce revenue testing in this tool is not possible even they are both Google Analytics.

    If you are looking for quick dynamic page testing you can use http://www.convert.com and we also do ecommerce revenue testing (we pickup GA ecommerce revenue). Unfortunatly Adsense revenue is not a goal in our tool either.


  • http://www.convert.com/ Convert.com Experiments

    Hi Mark,

    While you wait for Google, why don’t you try Convert Experiments in the mean time. We have 30 day trial (free) offer unlimited tests and variations, multivariate tests, one code for the entire site, dynamic page testing (large groups of pages at the same time).

    Send me an email once you signed up I will give you a tour fit for your site.

  • http://twitter.com/Kelly_Wikads Kelly Watt

    Thanks for the detailed overview of content experiments. It will be interesting how Google rolls out more advanced features to make this tool of greater value for marketing companies over the average user.

  • http://www.servicecentral.com.au/ Service

    Good move Google (although we can’t see it for our Australian site yet). Now, if only they would migrate across Webmaster Tools as well.

  • Online Team

    +1 for a great article. 

    Does anyone know how to share experiement beteeen people ?  
    (at least just possibility to view) 

    When I grant access to the account or profile – Experiements is not there for that person i have given access. 

  • TimFromMA

    Hi Daniel,
    When you say, “E-commerce transactions as the goal will not be available,” what do you mean? Im not a power user, but I thought the Goals were defined as pages. Do you mean I can not test cart and checkout pages?

  • Jennifer Zibrin

    Although I think you’ve got a great overview here, I don’t agree that “Dynamic Traffic Allocation” is a benefit… That DEFINITELY should be a setting we can turn on and off. The traffic to my site fluctuates significantly – sometimes hour by hour – so the even rotation of page variations is crucial to my getting accurate test results. Do you think they’ll make it a setting?