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  • http://www.facebook.com/web3D Altadyn Three-Dxplorer

    A great complement to Virtual Events such as
    corporate meetings, conferences, tradeshows, virtual classrooms,
    corporate trainings, sales meetings, kickoffs, onboarding meetings, and a
    lot more. http://www.3d-virtualevents.com/
    is already integrated into Google+ and attendees can use their Google+
    to attend and their Google+ profile can be seen inside the virtual 3D
    space when clicked on their avatar.
    Additinal developments can be done to integrate into other 3rd party
    apps or to develop Google+ apps in 3D for events, with features such as
    VoIP in the browser, chat, desktop sharing, slide sharing, synchronous
    photo viewing and more, thanks to the Altadyn API . Check it out here http://altadyn.com/developers-api/.