• http://raventools.com Jon Henshaw

    When I visit Orkut, all I see is an animated gif of a cat massaging a dog. #truestory http://share.raven.im/R2r/5xY0l0t1

  • catchashutosh

    Seems they have fused orkut with google accounts. I was on orkut, ages ago and am sure that the account still exists. When I go to orkut they make a whole new account which is linked to my G + account. When I try to sign in with my old login, they ask me to add a new account …

  • rabbit_ears

    Google seems to have a heightened sense of desperation these days, doesn’t it?

  • http://www.dandyid.org/id/cbmilne33 cbmilne33

    I think that Google has in mind for Google+ and Orkut to be the respective public and underground social networking sites.I suspect that Google is joining all its accounts as a wagon circling device as it may fear the rise of new alliances across email,blogging,photographing,video,music,and other services that may challenge it to put it bluntly.