• Toby Mason

    Since this update I am interested to know whether other GA users can see referral data from before July 2013 – we are getting a message across all our accounts “Channel data is not available prior to July 25, 2013. Select an alternative dimension”

  • Andy Batten

    These were announced last week at Google Summit: http:// analytics.blogspot. com/2013/10/the-rundown-new-products-and-features.html

  • Tyson Kirksey

    Matt, it was announced during the Livestream of the Google Partner Summit last week, and also on the blog here: http:// analytics. blogspot. com/2013/10/the-rundown-new-products-and-features .html

  • David Thompson

    I saw this change this morning myself, and at first was a bit grumpy about it, not fond of having to click back into the channels menu to select individual channels (the individual traffic sources used to be listed as sub-menu items in the side menu, now just appear as items in the channels report.) However, it does look like on the whole there is more info in the new layout, and it feels like it’s arranged in a way that makes comparing the performance of the different sources more straigtforward. I think in time I’ll see it as an overall improvement (once I get more comfortable with the change.)

  • David Thompson

    Ouch! same message here. I can see traffic totals, but the individual channels are not listing traffic prior to this date.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I was in Google Analytics yesterday around 4 and everything looked normal. Logged out and came back about 1/2 hour later and I thought I had lost my mind! As far as I can tell all the information is still there but it has been reorganized and repackaged. It’ll take a while to learn but hopefully it won’t be too complicated to find the data I’m used to seeing.

  • Matt McGee

    Thx Andy.

  • Matt McGee

    Thx Tyson.

  • Randal

    The biggest issue I have with the change is the ease of looking at channel reporting YoY. Currently, the new channel report only gives data back until July. To look at a summation of all referral traffic (for example) year over year, you either have to filter for “medium” in the all traffic section, or you have to customize a report. It’s not a huge deal, but annoying when you are trying to pump out reporting.

  • lavelle72

    Yep, same here

  • Austin Larson

    This is really annoying especially when you need to pull out reports that usually takes 5 minutes, I spent an hour to check the new stuff and I can’t say that I am impressed, too many icons…

  • GideonSEO

    I’m also getting that message

  • Tom Estlack

    yup – thought I was losing my mind again…

  • http://gitgrow.com/ Santosh Rajan

    Hey Matt

    Awesome update. I will definitely explore the new feature/change in GA as and when they roll them out.

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

  • http://mirelamaria.wordpress.com/ Mirela-Maria Iepure

    Google became such a bad boy.. Not cool at all. :(

  • Myriam Bruneau

    I liked to see a percentage of where my traffic comes from. Boo for taking that out!

  • http://www.hacktabs.com/ Anoop Sudhakaran

    The interface change gave me a hard time finding the traffic reports. Thanks for the article, Helped a lot!

  • Romita Negi

    Analytics’ replacements for “Traffic Sources” and “Content” though have
    improved the quality of Tracking, but getting used to these frequent changes
    in Analytics environment will take time to analyse & think for new