• http://www.ebooksnerd.com Durga Das Viswanathan

    We widely used social network site Orkut in India for communicating and networking, but after face book and other social media shared members from Orkut and it become in comma stage . When Google introduced their Google +, Google didn’t allowed people to join in Orkut, they hide it from search and compels to join their Google+ (It’s my experience) but recently I joined Orkut, I got the link from some discussion groups and from my new profile i down loaded my photos from old profile.( may be the readers may laugh, why by search I didn’t find the Orkut). Good by to Orkut. What may happen in future can’t predict, but there is some signs we can see that information is power, the sharpened focused information collected by the social networks leads to future monopolistic centralization of wealth, power…etc…(the scope of consequences are wide in nature) . There fore we have to think remedies from now.

  • http://loneplacebo.com/ Tony Hue

    Looking forward to the follow up post when Google+ is shuttered at long, merciful last. #crossesfingers

  • http://www.facebook.com/hector.maciasayala Hector Macias Ayala

    The only SN from Google that once ruled somewhere.