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    Very informative post. Since in-app advertising seems to be gaining steam, how do you design ads for them? Does in-app advertising also work on a pay per click basis? Having seen those ads myself, personally I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket, as thoae ads are sometimes downright irrelevant, and act as an irritant. Think about the user. If I’m playing an awesome game on my Android, the last thing I want is a distracting popup on top of my screen. So the chances of me clicking on that ad are pretty less. Also, my guess is that Google must be paying a fixed amount to app developers. If I were an app developer, I don’t care if the user clicks on the ad or not. Just the fact that allowing ads as an overlay over my app UI is enough for me to charge Google.

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    Thanks for the article “Google “Read Data” Offer Rare Look Inside World Of Android, Mobile Ad Revenues”


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    Yes, in-app ads work like conventional display ads on the mobile web. They can be sold on a CPM, CPC or CPA basis depending on the network or the publisher

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    The Android tablet sales may be sluggish because of Apple vs Samsung lawsuit in Germany. Australia only introduced the Samsung tablet recently because of a lawsuit.

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    Thank you so much Greg. It helps a lot.