• Pat Grady

    It won’t drive ad revenue for them, so in a year or two, when they shut it down unexpectedly, it’ll suck for those who switched.

  • Luka Malding
  • Someblah

    This is not even new. I registered for Google apps and bought my first domain from Google (which internally bought it from enom) for only 10 dollars about 3 years back. Last year instead of $10, the yearly fee changed to $50. I had no option but to transfer to GoDaddy, who did it for 2 dollars for 1st year and 10$ for the second.

    Learnt my lesson. Google was not the best place to go for domains.

  • http://rationaldreaming.com/ Mike

    Google apps is a lot more than just a domain registration. They provide you with Gmail for your domain, plus a bunch of other online services. That’s what Google is charging $50/year per user for, not domain registration.

  • Someblah

    I agree. And very likely, it might as well suit your needs.

    The customized gmail seemed good at first, but it wasn’t of much use for me. Although, I can imagine its utility for a small business with ~7-8 employees.

    The online services (at least 3 years back) were quite lame. The widgets were useless. The web-hosting was simple but very restrictive — to the point of static-html with limited features. It was much more convenient for me to transfer the domain and point it to a separate server where I had more control on content.

  • L V

    Here is the list of gTLDs that supported by Google Domains:

  • http://rationaldreaming.com/ Mike

    No worries — I have several Google Apps domains for free (grandfathered in) but wouldn’t pay $50 / year for a new one since I only use them to host blogs.

    The new Google Domains service is a different venture separate from Google Apps (which used other registrars like GoDaddy for their domain registration).

    $12/year isn’t the cheapest (I’m currently using CosmoTown @ $9/year), but with privacy protection and email aliases, it beats the pants off GoDaddy for price ($12 vs ~$25 after the introductory offers are over), and given the hassle of setting up email services for a domain, $12/year seems to be a pretty good deal.

  • Morshed Alam Sumon

    Google said about website building tools: weebly, shopify etc. can’t I use WordPress?