• Travis Prebble

    I’m dumbstruck by this: “But in recent weeks, the company has released what it considers “game changing” features that it feels will better enlist both marketers and developers to embrace its platform.”

    But what about *users*? Where there are users, there are marketers and developers. It’s so much harder to do it the other way around.

  • http://twitter.com/WebCEO Web CEO SEO Tools

    Some people might be surprised that so many people didn’t grasp the obvious (that G+ activity leads to better Google positions) but then those who could get surprised would be the type who believe in efficient markets and rational decision making as opposed to emotional decision making. The argument “Why should I go to a new ghost town when all the people are on Facebook” was always a non-sequitur. It was irrelevant to anyone who grasped that Google would use G+ data in their algorithms more than Facebook and Twitter data. It’s actually good to know that efficient markets are a myth. In this case, everyone who “got it” about G+ have had 18 months to enjoy the rewards of acting rationally.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I was asking about marketers and developers. I think things like all the photos enhancements they announced and other features like Google Hangouts themselves are also user-facing, in their view.

  • http://twitter.com/YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood

    That goes against the Google Model which has worked so well to push products like Apps, YouTube, Adwords, etc…

  • http://www.andykuiper.com/ Andy Kuiper – SEO Analyst

    The Hangouts and ‘on air’ hangouts is new to me… like you said, it’s all coming fast and clearly not that well put out there.

  • spacemonkey82

    i completely agree. if you use google products using google+ is a no brainer b/c it only enhances the experience.

    google has been bad at marketing google+. so many people still think youtube and google are two different companies.

    to take google+ to the next level google needs to integrate it with gmail, youtube, search and android in a way that creates new experiences.
    hangouts is part of that story.

    i am personally excited about g+ sign and over the air install of apps. totally blown away by how seamless the experience is – you signin with g+ on a web site, download the app during the signin flow which installs it on your android phone. You launch the app and you are already signed in to the app. Nobody has done anything close to that to create such a seamless experience.

  • spacemonkey82

    you don’t think the new hangouts app, cross platform signin, over the air app install, auto enhancement of photos, auto tagging and newly redesigned UI appeals to the users?

  • Горан Дукић

    Excellent article!

  • Steven Green

    Maybe you should allow sharing on your app for google plus users

  • Alan

    Exactly right Travis. It almost feels like Google are doing G+ as a intellectual exercise. That is why Geeks and techs and SEO’s love it but no one else does.

    Whatever you think of Facebook it makes it users “FEEL” welcome. Too many of the great unwashed out there it is a second home.

  • Alan

    The thing about your JJ Abrams example is that they haven’t even used adwords to advertise the StarTrek Movie. I often check keywords for movies when they come out and quite frankly Movie marketers rarely use adwords to sell the movies.

    So if they aren’t advertising on Google search itself why would they care about G+ even if it makes them rank better?

    Having said that Facebook didn’t seem to have a wave of Startrek ads either although there were a few.

  • http://twitter.com/Blend_Marketing Blend Marketing

    Great analysis of the Google+ enigma.

    I’m still completely torn on the subject. Sure I get the benefit of using Google+ to influence personalised search results. It’s just that I don’t really see and other ‘real’
    reason to use it. Nor do I like using it.

    All the other networks that I use proactively address a specific communication niche (often having created it in the first place) whereas Google+ feels like duplication.

    Finally, fact is, no one I know has connected with me on Google+. Not one contact.

    P.S. I agree with spacemonkey82 “google has been bad at marketing google+”

  • Dibber Paige

    To be honest the only time i use Google+ is when i want to do a live show on my main youtube channel, my take is that the whole thing would have been better if Google+ had been fully integrated into youtube itself instead of 2 separate sites, much like the old Groups function we used to have within our channels, everything in one place. The worst thing the technicians did to youtube was how the whole reply girl fiasco was dealt with, instead of taking action against them directly for manipulating the search algorithms, creating misleading thumbnails and creating spam type videos the technicians changed how the search algorithms worked which had a detrimental effect on everyone. I used to average around 150 thousand total video views a month but after the algorithm change that plummeted to around 50 thousand total video views per month, that action was like slapping everyone in the classroom for the actions of a couple bad people. Youtube search itself is pretty weak these days, the related videos on the right hand side of the video view page rarely show videos that are actually related to the video you’re watching, i cant for the life of me see how a video i’m watching such as Snoop Dog has any relation to funny dog or cat videos, to be related it should be Snoop Dog videos, you only need to spend a few minutes in the youtube help forums to see how these constant changes are upsetting, angering and down right peeing people off, google forget the fact that without the content creators the site will die a very slow death.