• Dimitri Prosvirin

    Good post, thanks.

  • Talal

    It is really a significant technology, but I dont see it as a practical daily use for people, certain segments of people will find it efficient in their daily life, not all ages and not all kinds of people. However, this product has opened a door of a new way of tech life, and you dont know, maybe in the future this kind of tech will be a mobile alternative.

  • Matt McGee

    You’re right, Talal. It’s definitely not for everyone. At least not yet. I think people should be cautious in making judgments about this technology because it’s literally the first version. I bet people said mobile phones aren’t for everybody 30 years ago when they were big, heavy bricks. :-)

  • http://madewithrealjuice.com/ Julian True Flynn

    How well did Glass receive voice commands? Did you try blogging with it at all? For example how easy would it be to write this article you just wrote with Glass — just curious.

  • Matt McGee

    Hey Julian – it would be impossible to write a blog post at this point. It’s not (currently) that kind of device. There’s no web browser. It’s an information-receiving/sharing machine. It’s not going to replace an iPad or Nexus tablet in its current form. If WordPress develops an app that somehow converts voice to text, then maybe it would be possible. But not now. Too soon.

    That said, voice recognition was generally good. There was one search query I gave it that it misinterpreted – don’t recall what it was. I voiced a text to my wife that it picked up perfectly. I’ll be playing with this aspect more as I continue to use it.

  • Tran Chuong

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