• http://twitter.com/jtoeman Jeremy Toeman

    so WHY do wearables “make sense”? that point has not been made, so far, by anyone. what’s been made is “we could do wearables”, so far, every vision of which, is MORE cumbersome than carrying a phone. for any of this to *ever* work…

    1) can’t be a fashion faux pas – this is the instant killer for Google Glasses – teenagers will not crave them, will mock instead.

    2) can’t be hard to use – wink to take a picture? to take an AD reference, Come on!

    3) must be, in every way, BETTER than what we currently have. this is not BETTER, this is just different.

    and re Gekko – cell phones make sense because they FREE you from a landline. this is both aspirational AND practical. glasses do not FREE you from a thing. they make you equally burdened.

  • Matt McGee

    I don’t know if you actually have Glass, Jeremy, but I can tell you that today I’ve been making phone calls and sending text messages via Glass without having to use my hands. So to say that it doesn’t free you from anything is incorrect. I did both of those things without stopping the activity I was involved in at the time.

    Also, how many teens have you spoken with about Glass?

    And you don’t have to wink to take a photo. In fact, I don’t think that’s possible without the app that allows it. You take photos by either pressing the photo button or saying “OK Glass, a take a picture.”

  • http://twitter.com/jtoeman Jeremy Toeman

    re texting/calling while doing other activities – not sure what this means… taking a phone call while doing something else pretty much means you didn’t really have a conversation… i don’t mean to insult, but we all know you can’t *really* talk to someone while doing another thing…

    re teens – glasses. aren’t. cool.

    re wink -saying “OK Glass, a take a picture.” — i think i’d rather wink.

  • Matt McGee

    So are you saying you somehow tapped in to my phone call and have determined it wasn’t a real conversation?

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    Where do I get that app? It would be interesting to tap into a number of peoples phone calls lol

    Glasses aint cool? Really Jeremy? No offence, but glasses like this would come across as being rather cool to most of the younger people in the world! Especially those into extreme sports, skating, bmxing, skiing, snowboarding etc etc

    As for not freeing you from anything, well if I could use these glasses like my mobile (calls, text, photos, videos etc) and still use both my hands when on my bike I would love em! (just to note, I’m 27 so not a teen but would still count myself as a part of the younger generation who crave new gadgets like this for many reasons like those I mentioned above :)

  • Matt McGee

    And FWIW, my 11-year-old daughter went to school yesterday and told her friends, “You know those glasses that you can wear and do stuff online? My dad has that.” And they all replied, she says, with “Wow! I want that!”

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    And I bet she keep pestering you for a go when she gets home from school lol

    How long you had the glasses for? Have you or will you be doing some fancy review’s’ with them to show of what you can do and how you have used them?

    Its not something I’m likely to buy due to the price, but I would love to see how you and others are using them!

    Someone we have done a website for recently managed to get a pair for his around the world holiday, can’t mention names, but I hope he uses them well and shares it publicly on youtube :)

  • http://twitter.com/jtoeman Jeremy Toeman

    no, i’m saying if you are actually DOING another thing WHILE on the phone, one of them isn’t being paid attention to. but clearly this is a fruitless discussion, so please, enjoy your glasses, i’m very happy for anyone who finds a product that they personally like. but so we are clear – you brush off my arguments as if they are trivial because they are just my opinion, yet don’t have any solid ground for your own other than they are just your opinion…

  • http://twitter.com/jtoeman Jeremy Toeman

    so… people who do extreme sports want glasses? funny, when i see those sports on the ol’ tv, i don’t see a ton of people wearing em already… i can’t imagine a screen overlaying your primary vision could possibly be challenging while doing something that requires all of your attention…

    have you heard of a bluetooth headset? it’s about 1/15th the price, and you can buy one just about anywhere…

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    Yes you have your opinion and I have mine, neither is more right or wrong then the other!

    About the buying a bluetooth headset, you do know they are just for phone calls right? And can’t do anything like you can with the glasses?! So that’s not really a valid point IMHO – yes the price is much lower but so is what you use them for!

    I use to skate and bmx so as someone that use to be into extreme sports I can tell you – if I had the money to spend on these I would have loved to have used them a few years back when doing those sports :)

    Now I’m not sure if you would call this relevant of “solid ground” but have you seen these https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=oakley+airwaves+video I don’t know if they are popular but I am doing snowboarding soon and will certainly be looking into the options for getting some of these when I do my snowboarding holiday, so IMO these glasses and others will be valuable to those who are interested in them.

    But that don’t mean you or other will see why they want them not need them, its the same with most technology, you may ask why I have to spend so much money on building a custom gaming PC and may think I’m silly for doing so, but its something I enjoy building, upgrading and using all the time just as I would if I got my hands on a pair of these glasses because its something I am interested in :)

    A bit of a long reply I know, but just trying to explain my opinion a little better as seem a little upset as to why I am for the glasses – but hay we are all entitled to our opinions and if you doing like a product or service etc you can simply chose not to buy or use it :)

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