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    Interesting that the Google Glass uses the services of an Android phone. I wonder how long until phone manufacturers restrict that usage? (or try to). I laid out the Google Glass specs along side the top 2 phones of the year for camera, video, and price below. edit: added GoPro Hero 3 Black edition specs since that seems to be part of the market Google is aiming at.

    iphone 5 camera: 8 MP
    samsung galaxy s4 camera: 13 MP
    gopro hero 3 black camera: 12 MP
    google glass camera: 5 MP

    iphone 5 video: 1080p HD (30 fps)
    samsung galaxy s4 video: 1080p HD (30 fps)
    gopro hero 3 black video: 1080p HD (60 fps)
    google glass video: 720p HD (unknown fps)

    iphone 5 sms messaging: yes
    samsung galaxy s4 sms messaging: yes
    gopro hero 3 black sms messaging: no (it’s only a camera)
    google glass sms messaging: yes (with android powered phone)

    iphone 5 price: $650 (ATT off contract)
    samsung galaxy s4 price: $640 (ATT off contract)
    gopro hero 3 black price: $399 (no data connection required)
    google glass price: $1,500 (Google, no contract)

  • http://twitter.com/YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood

    From Google Glass FAQ’s

    “It might be harder to hear Glass or use voice input commands in noisy areas, and it might be harder to see the Glass screen in bright sunlight. Also, you may be in certain places like a doctor’s office where those around you don’t feel comfortable being photographed or captured on video. Always consider your surroundings – just like you would with a cell phone. Above all, be considerate.”

    hmm didn’t their ‘demo video’ show it being used in very loud areas (roller coaster) and in the bright sun?

  • Matt McGee

    Even if it did, they’re only saying that audio features may be more difficult in noisy situations … which is common sense, right? Noise shouldn’t have any impact on its ability to shoot video, take photos and whatever else, right?

  • http://twitter.com/YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood

    “or use voice input commands” the whole thing is voice activiated? “ok glass…” still, I like the fact that Google+ doesn’t appear to be the defacto storage place so I might give it a whirl.

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    This is what you are NOT allowed to do with Google Glass – Terms of Service [Infographic]