• The Local Seth

    Love love love Google!

  • http://pinetreecommercial.com Graham Grochocinski

    Interesting to see how this will help brick-and-mortar stores compete with Amazon going forward…

  • Pat Grady

    “We think that helping close the loop on locally available items is a
    really important part of making sure Google is the best place to shop,”
    said Fallows who went on to say Google may eventually include a
    notification whether or not a product is available for delivery in
    product search ads.
    This sentence says quite a bit. Local stores and inventory / delivery speed, G being a “place to shop”, what’s to come in the A vs G war, and more. One example of the more, no mention of any G clones, Search is settled, it’s headed for A vs G showdown over the next few years. A’s too skinny, and now has a Chinese twin trying to eat some of its lunch, not ideal when fighting the Gorilla suffering from cash bloat, copyright steroids, and having the pre-zmot pipes fairly zipped up. No matter where it goes though, the net net in the meantime, consumers everywhere, duh, winning!

  • http://www.mishainfotech.com Zeba Warsi

    Waiting to see the Google’s best techniques to be the best place to shop