• Blair Symes

    This announcement just underscores the importance of tracking call conversions from marketing, including Google paid search. But tracking calls is only the beginning. If you are interested in measuring how keywords drive not only calls, but opportunities and revenue, call tracking solutions like Ifbyphone are still the best choice. Here is Ifbyphone’s blog on the Google announcement: http://public.ifbyphone.com/call-tracking/google-validates-need-call-tracking-website-call-conversions-adwords-tool/
    They work for all types of marketing (SEO, Bing, social, offline, etc) and have tools to filter out bad calls from reaching sales agents and also route calls by caller’s location, time of day, etc.

  • http://www.medcenterdisplayads.com Scott McIntosh

    I’m curious to know whether this is a free service from Google. I’m guessing it is because it will increase the value of their AdWords program. I’m sure the reporting and functionality will not be as robust as some third-party call tracking providers (call recording, setting whispers, call tree, etc) but being free makes it very attractive. Plus, it can be painful to link third party call tracking services into AdWords properly for tracking conversions (and optimizing ads for conversions). Most, if not all providers make you create Goals in Google Analytics and then import those goals as conversions to AdWords. This requires that your AdWords and Analytics be synced which can be a problem if a client has not given you full admin access to both AdWords and Analytics. So another reason Google’s dynamic numbers are attractive – simplicity.

  • Ginny Marvin

    Yes, this is a free service. It is limited in showing you what ads and keywords drove calls, not whether those calls lead to transactions. (On a side note, clients that don’t provide internal or external support for synching AdWords and Analytics are being short sighted and shooting themselves in the foot.)

  • http://www.medcenterdisplayads.com Scott McIntosh

    Thanks, Ginny. I agree.

  • Lyndon Barnett

    Interestingly, Delacon, a call tracking provider, has also put out a statement regarding Google’s announcement. This is Delacon’s response – http://www.delaconcorp.com/blog/uncategorized/google-recognises-the-value-of-call-data-in-adwords/ This article reiterates the benefits of tracking calls from all sources.