• http://sarugu.com/ Albert

    Yes. We can wait for the big announcement from Google.

    Well. It is the time to look for RSS to Email Subscription provider

    Here is my best choice: Instant RSS post-delivery via email,
    Branded Newsletter type, Monetize RSS Feeds all in one place for FREE: http://goo.gl/7dMHk

  • SkillygaleeHwyl
  • donthe

    I send out 100,000 emails a week with Feedburner. Is there a free alternative?

    I really wish Google had the professionalism to just announce their intentions, instead of slowly letting it die out like this.
    What can they possibly be scared of? Do more people use Feedburner then iGoogle? The backlash from the closing of iGoogle didn’t seem to faze Google.
    BTW another major bug with Feedburner is if you pause your Adsense for Feeds ad unit you are unable to turn it back on. Go ahead and try it :-) That was a joke, do not pause it as you will be unable to reactivate it. Ever!

  • http://twitter.com/simplefeed SimpleFeed

    For many companies RSS remains a major content distribution channel – both for content syndication and for connecting with customers through RSS Readers and emerging platforms like Flipboard. For companies who want phone/email support and a features roadmap, SimpleFeed offers an enterprise (not free) service similar to Feedburner. If interested please contact us for a demo.

  • phollows

    100k emails / week deserves a professional service with a focus on deliverability. FeedBlitz can handle that for you and migrate your FeedBurner email subscribers automatically. Check out the migration guide and pricing at FeedBlitz.com

  • Rebecca Caroe

    Matt, thanks for researching the domain expiry date for Feedburner,com! That gives us time to plan

  • http://twitter.com/TheExchangeBlog Cyndy Aldred

    Great article! Another sign is that if you look at several of the Google product pages and drop downs on Google help pages, Feedburner is not included in the product lists!

  • donthe

    $1000.00 a month is a big jump from free.

  • http://twitter.com/igl00FTW igl00

    thanx god i have mailing list thats way bigger than funny 300 viewers in feedburner

  • phollows

    You haven’t understood the pricing then. 100k sends a week, sent 5 days, means your list is 20k. That’s $160 / month.

  • donthe

    Ok, so I get it now. You charge by unique email address with unlimited sends per month. That is better, though not better then free.
    Let me ask you since you’re in the business, where did Google go wrong with their Feedburner purchase? I see Feedblitz also used to have a free, ad supported product. Is it just too difficult to monetize a email list with contextual ads?

  • phollows

    Free is free. It isn’t “better” as FeedBruner shows – without a viable business model and no financial commitment between user and vendor there’s no relationship. Free is simply cheaper, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Email ad services are slowly improving but because email ads aren’t script based, unlike web ads, and because the email can be viewed anywhere (an email app, mobile phone) and not a web site, all the context that can make web ads rewarding online is missing from email ads. Plus the markets for email ads outside of the US is hideously weak. Bottom line: If you want deliverability excellence, committed support and a commmitted vendor, make the commitment yourself and pay.
    Google went wrong because they thought that feeds would be a great ad model, but instantly gutted the feedburner team and replaced the feedburner ad network – which performed OK – with AdSense for feeds, which doesn’t perform well at all. It didn’t work out and the expertise they acquired had already been reallocated or left. So now they own a piece of the Internet’s plumbing and have no mechanism to gain economic value. Frankly, they should pay FeedBlitz to take it off their hands.

  • http://www.delivra.com/ Cody Sharp

    I’m not going to advertise for my company here but there are certainly a lot of solid ESP’s (email service providers) out in the marketplace that would be a better fit for sending out 100k emails per week via Feedburner. While none of them are free, the services they provide can allow businesses to engage their subscribers much better and track that engagement.

  • http://www.vincentabry.com/ Vincent Abry

    It could be the perfect timing to switch to Aweber
    http://www.vincentabry.com/en/aweber-or-feedburner-for-emails-649 or another autoresponder

  • http://techtites.com/ Ajay

    Counts on feedburner seem to be down for me.

    If you’ve got a crazy number of visitors then Aweber or similar are worth paying for. But what’s the option for mid-sized blogs?

  • donthe

    WTF! Feedburner counts are now 0! Thank goodness I downloaded my email subscriber lists last week. All subscribers are now gone!

  • http://techtites.com/ Ajay

    I’m planning on migrating to FeedBlitz. Better to do it earlier than wait and lose all

  • http://twitter.com/tal84s Tal Segal

    ): Me too… Where is all my emails of my subscribers?

  • donthe

    I posted this before. I included a link to where I found it so it must of got flagged.

    Just set the date back under Analyze –> Feed Stats. Then go to Publicize –> Subscription Managment and download your subscribers.