• Ivor O’Connor

    I think to make a successful movie around Steve Jobs it would have to be told in a negative humorous way from the people who knew him well. And since that would hurt Apple Computer’s bottom line I don’t see it happening.

    I’d love to see a movie like that though. Where his employee’s openly talk about why he doesn’t shower for days and even weeks. Where he got the idea to park in handicapped parking spots all over the city by using new cars that don’t yet have license plates. By cheating employees and lying to them to find out how far he could go before they’d break. By suing other companies for using their own ideas. Told in a professional yet humorous way would have made the movie epic and financially successful.

  • Fellkon

    If Mazrich had written the bio, instead of Walter Isaacson (actually I don’t know if Isaacson had anything to do with the movie)….let me start over :) If Mazrich had written the script then I think you might have gotten your ‘negative humorous’ – which I would’ve appreciated as well.
    In an interview with Elaine Charles host of the book report radio show Mezrich made mention of his new book ‘Straight Flush’ being made into a movie – I’d much rather watch a movie from his tabloid-style of writing than any iMovie.

  • Toranaga

    Cool responses. Judging by the words you chose, I guess you know what you’re talking about. I confess I was fooled by appearances. Do you disagree that he was a genius though?

    (young entrepreneur’s question)