• Sam Mazaheri

    Thanks! Would be great to see the full list as well

  • http://www.swordandthescript.com/ Frank Strong

    Interesting. What’s also noticeable is who is not there!

  • Grant Simmons

    In the survey, was Microsoft interchangeable with Bing as brand terms?

  • http://www.referralcandy.com/ Visakan @ ReferralCandy

    Interesting that Facebook is so far down the list. My guess is that people are so used to thinking of it as a social network, that the association isn’t triggered when they hear “digital marketing technology”. I wonder if that’s actually good for Facebook. Interesting to watch.

  • http://magento.ocodewire.com/ poonam

    Great!! I though Facebook lie on 4-5 position but result is different. Thanks for updating.

  • http://www.lovevivah.com/ Subhash Prajapati

    Great, Moz in second position..