• William Thigpen

    Hello Danny. I read this post and the earlier post also. I must say, I really didn’t understand what and why Microsoft was airing all the commercials they are until I read these posts. You did an awesome job on both of your articles and they were really informative on all fronts. When I read the first post, I was going to go and switch all my Google stuff over to Microsoft because it scared me really. But after I read this article, the first thing that came to my mind was that Microsoft has been around for a long time and they have been a “big business” for as long as people can remember really.They created probably the most widely used operating system on our computers. Yes there are a lot of Apple and Linux users out there but when someone goes out and buys a PC, the OS that is more then likely installed on it is Windows, which is Microsoft’s creation. All this privacy policy is doing is that it is making things a lot easier and simpler for not only the users of anything Google but also for Google themselves. The reason for the amount of backlash that Google is incurring due to this whole privacy policy change is that it is exactly that. It’s a change of some sort, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, and most of the people out there do not like change. A lot of people look at and think of change as a bad thing and it’s very uncomfortable for a big percentage, so they would rather something stay the same and feel safe and comfortable instead of possibly having something that maybe advances our civilization a great deal. If it wasn’t for change, we would still be living in grass huts, hunting wildlife and foraging for food, and having a campfire as the source of light and heat. What is happening is that Google is becoming a big business now and it’s now too big to be run out of someone’s house. If you really look at what Google is doing with advertising this about changing their privacy policy, you really have to respect them somewhat for doing it. The reason I say you have to respect them is because no other company out there is telling people about this kind of big change and they are still thinking about their users. Ultimately what Google is doing right now is still making it about their users and trying to still have it where they can say “trust us.” Due to the fact they are trying to keep true to themselves and their users, they are suffering for it. We as people need to stand behind Google through this so that they don’t become just another big business/corporation. Thanks for the articles and have a great day.