• http://twitter.com/Oolone Oolone

    ‘Don’t be evil’

  • http://twitter.com/bryannisperos Bryan Nisperos

    Very similar to Microsoft’s Live ID.   Ugh.

  • Morgan Mandel

    Well, I’m already on Google+, but I got a gmail account to be on it. I keep it separate from the one I use for blogging and youtube because it seemed too intrusive. It seemed too much of a chore trying to separate stuff I wanted to keep private on Picassa and what was public.

  • fjpoblam

    Yep, no more Gmail accounts for those who prefer to live with pseudonyms online.

  • Anonymous

    And yet another “trick” to push everyone into using Google+. Google must be really terrified that their new attempt to conquer the world of social networks fails, yet again. Whilst I liked Google+ in the beginning, and found it much better designed than Facebook, I am now disgusted about Google’s methods to push their own product.

    Where’s the “don’t be evil” Google gone? It’s time to act. Join the “Keep Google Honest” campaign… http://sitesell.com/keep-google-honest.html.

  • http://twitter.com/himachhag hima chhag

    One more push from google. The same old strategy.
    Will it be worth for google?

  • winston james


  • Rob Rance

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm this is frankly pathetic – you can’t force engagment

  • http://twitter.com/gillmore22 mr bill

    i had enough with google n youtube with there constant buffering i deleated it all up yours google lol