• daveintheuk

    Just an attempt to lend creditability to Google+ Local (or is it Places? Places+?) by putting their content alongside other peoples – just like they did when they stole content for the original Places pages. People will go here to check their TA/Yelp reviews because the interface will suck less than the native ones and Google is hoping to force/bully them into encouraging Google+ reviews while they are there.

    Also, it is obvious from this that Google *does* know where other reviews on the web are, so why doesn’t it show them in the “more reviews” section of Knowledge graph instead of just showing TripAdvisor from 3 different TLDs. (as it does for just about anything outside London).

  • Michael Currey

    How about a Google Review widget we could add to our websites?

  • Sergiu Draganus

    This will come soon, if not from Google, then from someone else :)

  • http://irsmartt.com/ IR Smartt

    If you’re using WordPress try this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-customer-reviews/