• Robert Alex Kibler

    I’m so glad I found this. I’ve been looking all over the place and haven’t been able to find a liveblog.

  • makapav

    We’re way past 9:45 am, yo! And Google+ is crashing all over the place with missed notifications, pages not loading. You have some high expectations to live up to with this announcement, Vic. It better include all Nexus devices :-P

  • Maurice Walshe

    Will he speak to the changes in authorship markup as it applies to G+

  • daveintheuk

    So, is anybody who sends an SMS from an Android phone going to get counted as an “active Google+ user”…? I’m guessing the 1.5bn a week photos is basically just people who back their photos up to Google+ rather than anybody actively sharing them there.

    Also, who wants to have a computer pick the “best” family photos for them? How soulless is that?

  • Scott Pedersen

    thanks so much for the highlights of this launch! Due to their delay, it overlapped a meeting, so I feel like I didn’t miss anything thanks to you!

  • wheineman

    So I should now take 6+ photos of everything I want to photograph? I assume that is the threshold for the newest Auto-Awesome features as well?