• fjpoblam

    Oh, that’s good. How does a person use Gmail, then? Privacy, schmivacy.

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  • http://luisgalarza.blogspot.com/ Luis Galarza

    Tell me about, this smells like BS in the air! I don’t think web users are going to buy on their new policies changes, the whole thing has ‘unethical’ written all over!

  • http://twitter.com/weblimited Web Companies

    Great non-answer by Google!

  • Anonymous

    Google deliberately tells us only the “benefits” of their new, simplified privacy policy. They don’t tell us the downsides, of course. To understand those, you have to digg deep and read the complete policy… and, let’s be honest, who bothers?

    I really feel that Google owes every user a FULLY informed opt-in option, including an explanation of the downsides, too. That’s why I’ve signed this petition…


    If you think this can’t affect you, please read the petition, sign it and share it.