• Pat Grady

    GAN partnered with low-value, non-incremental shenanigan hucksters (like Ebates). As attribution studies become more prevalent, and the free version of Analytics gets closer to including attribution modeling, I’m thinking they realized the jig is up. Google wants to deliver value, but the culture at GAN never really changed from it’s previous ownership, dooming it. PLAs, Remarketing and the Conv Optimizer have nothing to do with ethical, incremental affiliate marketing (or what GAN was doing for that matter).

  • Pat Grady
  • http://twitter.com/PPCNI Jordan McClements

    Thanks a lot Google. There was a hell of a lot of work in getting this set up and jumping through all the hoops you put in place, and now you’ve decided it doesn’t suit you after all. Just like that.

  • http://twitter.com/NoraKrampton Nora Krampton

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