• Mathis Conner

    Cool. A similar summary for Communities would be nice as well.

  • Chris Goward

    Next, I hope they add scheduled posts like FB has.

  • http://twitter.com/Georg_Lam George Lambrou

    Google should add complete Stats, for every Brand Page! If Google had implemented Google Analytics – or just a version of it – on G+ Brand Pages, Marketers, could really use their G+ Page in a way profitable and useful for their company’s online presence and create a unique strategy for it!
    Who cares how many have followed the page? The question is where they come from, how active they are, how old are they and which are their interests!
    Unfortunately, G+ is moving really slow!

  • harry bhanot

    Google knows local businesses is the key to online marketing in future and they will go for it.

  • Marcus Wolschon

    So we still don’t get the Page’s notification in our regular notification bar without constantly and actively checking for possible notification.
    We still don’t get a proper page integration in Android without a length logout+connect+login+select page+load everything process just to check for notifications.
    We still don’t get an API to write a better client and integrate G+ into existing multi-protocol Twitter clients ourself.

  • Gerrid Smith

    I like the new features, but hate the fact I can’t quickly get to pages anymore. Somewhere I want to see All my pages I admin on the same page without having to click “more” or scroll forever. AND I want it to open in a new tab.

  • Roger Abert

    where to all pages. b/c more pages are not loading ?