• http://www.stepforth.com/ Ross Dunn

    Hah! That just made my day. Thanks for posting that Danny :-)

  • http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    14,000 tweets, and now after all these posts about it, they’ll be several more! Oh, the horror for Google!

  • http://www.timacheson.com/ Tim Acheson

    It is pretty funny, but also I think people are just bored of Google evangelists and their sycophantic entourages — especially Cutts. The tide has turned against this tax-dodging privacy-stealing corporation and people find it refreshing.

    Also, notice that Cutts uses Twitter and not Google+ lol. #‎busted


    It was absolutely brilliant and deserved every bit of recognition that it got.

  • neotrope

    I actually laughed on this one. (As an aside: I’ve been complaining for 15+ years about scraper sites “excerpting” our content then dumping it on pages with 50 unrelated things and then somehow pushing it above our own content in results … bravo google for responding to this) …and yet …. the irony on a number of fronts ;-)

  • http://www.clickfire.com/ Emory Rowland


  • Gerry White

    35k retweets? thats like Justin Beiber territory!

  • Steve Morgan

    Please drop the Upworthy-style headlines – they’re a complete integrity destroyer…

  • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

    They both link to the same page so hardly an example of scraping which would involved a website using content from another site to drive traffic to their site.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    We don’t normally do them. I did it this time to have a bit of fun and, because, it actually was pretty unbelievable.

  • Steve Morgan

    That’s fair enough, Danny – I guess you’ve got to test these things. And you’re right about that! It’s just that I saw a similar headline on Marketing Land recently, and was worried that this was becoming a permanent thing for all of your articles. I have a lot of respect for SEL et al, but I think those style of headlines can do damage to one’s reputation. Just my thoughts :-)

  • Jack Bewildered


    I want us to forget about our disagreement about my friends SearsCard and McDonalds Breakfast. I think from this post you have gone about and reconciled our differences.

    Much love,


  • Jack Bewildered

    It was the good decision for this one. Laughing still.