• Kieran Daly

    Hi Amy

    Who actually reads YouTube comments – for large column of comments they end up like kiddy spam at times. I think this is overrated as an issue to be honest. It may be an SEO issue for larger volume of comments.

    Is there an actual link available with the Google claim – didn’t see it in the article to see the actual wording. Also ironic that Reddit triggered the discussion.

  • Chris Paterson

    I have stopped using all google services. You don’t think it’s possible? Check out these sites, and you will start to see that there actually are great alternative sites: DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, HushMail, Dolphin browser, Open Street Maps, etc.

  • http://www.marketingland.com/ Amy Gesenhues


    Thanks for your comment. Here is a link to Google’s original announcement on the YouTube blog from September 24: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2013/09/youtube-new-comments.html. Also, here’s a link to the YouTube comments support page: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/171666?hl=en.

  • neiallswheel

    who actually reads comments on you tube?? try watching something educational, or ask questions to people showing what theyve made with their own hands, rather than boob videos, or ‘look at my chiwawa isnt he cute’ blogsters. (head in hands) good grief.

  • TwentyPoundGorilla

    As a YouTuber with 15,000 subscribers and 4.5+ million views, I can confirm that this merging of YouTube plus Google+ both stifles creativity and limits participation. I’ve already seen it in my statistics. It’s 20x as complex as it used to be and is steering YouTube away from being a video sharing site because it lets people do waaaaay too much more than just watch videos.

    Instead of 500 character comments, people can send you books, movie scripts, ascii genitalia, viruses and spam. Hackers are rejoicing this change. The two systems are incompatible, so if you don’t create a google+ account you can’t comment, and if you can’t comment, it’s no fun, and if it’s no fun, people go elsewhere. There is actually a large portion of people on the internet that REJECT social media such as facebook and twitter… just sayin’.

    Most people who create the organic content that made YouTube successful are furious because of this added complexity, maintenance, and loss of compatibility between the two systems. Lots of people at Google need to join the unemployed for this one, including the bobbleheads in the boardroom meetings that agreed with them. This is a magnificent time for competition. This “upgrade” is a complete disaster.

    There are several petitions being signed with hundreds of thousands of signatures in less than a week. Ironically, you can google that.

  • GDrugginsNumbaWonPhan

    Lots of people read the youtube comments. For a lot of popular youtubers, it’s a great way for the community to get together and chat, reply to each other, etc. The stupid comments are easy to ignore. What makes me most annoyed is the fact that I cannot reply to ANY comments, as I do not have anyone in my google+ and never will, because no one I know uses it, nor will ever use it.

  • Nunya

    Just because you don’t like to do something does not mean it is irrelevant.

    Furthermore, the integration has changed youtube comments from mildly irritating to literally DANGEROUS. Virus and keylogger links, pornography, elaborate ASCII art of swastikas and genitalia, vitriolic and hateful comments… the last few days have seen all of this. It is now entirely possible to post all of “Mein Kampf” in comments with a few key strokes. And the worst part is, the Google+ system actively sends these sort of comments to the very top of the page.

    If you have less-than-internet-savvy relatives, don’t send them that link to that funny cat video. And if you have a child, PLEASE, keep them OFF youtube entirely until Google fixes this whole mess.

  • Kieran Daly

    Nunya Nunya – Note I didn’t say it was irrelevant – I just think that the weight people put on them is “overrated”. Plus I didn’t say “I don’t like to do…”

    GDrugginsNumbaWonPhan didn’t realise that you now couldn’t reply. Maybe it is an age thing about the community interacting.

    @amy_gesenhues:disqus thanks for the links

  • Eric

    All I know is that if this isnt fixed and google + isn’t taken out of Youtube completely I wont be using Youtube again. There are other sites I can see the vids I like. I mean this by the end of the year.

  • GDrugginsNumbaWonPhan

    Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Someone needs to step in now and make a new video sharing site that is similar to the old youtube layout, and just have all the top youtubers switch on over there. lol

  • eilegz

    horriblñe i dont even want to comment on youtube, this system its just a mess

  • http://codecondo.com/ Alex

    At the moment the one thing that is very annoying is finding some of the “replied to” comments that have been made. Those little things actually make up for a lot of frustration.

  • timothy smith

    a lot of people actually read the comments, not all but a lot of the youtube content creators read the comments to keep up with their fan base. with the new system most of the comments are “kiddy spam” but that is because when you reply to that comment it becomes “relevent” and becomes a top comment, but with the old system we were able to mark the comment as a spam and then the comment would no longer be “relelvent” and only when people clicked to read it could it be seen. That is not the real issue though, the real issue is that google is forcing the youtube community to use their social networking, now if a company made a product and forced you to buy that product would you buy it; or would you instead back lash against the company and not buy the product. Again the real issue here is the forced intergration, if you want to connect to google+ with your youtube fine, but don’t force people to do it.

  • Kayleigh Herbertson

    But what if your business depends on YouTube? Plenty of people LIVE on their YouTube account, this is not a small matter for them.

  • Kat

    The worst part of the new commend system is that users can put a link where the “expand comment” button is, and several people have posted flashers/screamers/ect– things that could give people a seizure or heart attack. The lack of character limit lets people post letter art (which is very good, mind you) but a good portion of it is either spam, inappropriate, or even threatening as I have seen several swastikas already so claiming the removal of anonymity helps reduce the bullying is crap.

  • I_warned_ya

    Disqus comments are 10X worse than YouTube. So what? At least Disqus doesn’t force your to sign up on a loser social media site.

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    Yes but you are completely wrong and have a narrow opinion on the matter. Tutorials would be one type of video that a feely flowing comments section is a necessity.

  • 00411392

    I’m most upset do the fact that people actually think Youtube comments needed fixing up. On most popular vids, most trolls were flagged as spam and ignored mere seconds after they posted and the top comments were always relevant to the video. Now it’s all spam and Bob… seriously, how is this an improvement? The crappy links are still working, the like bar is BLUE (Seriously, Google? THAT’S what you thought we didn’t like…) and even worse, there are people who still think Google did the right thing.

    I don’t mean to rant, but it’s obvious Google did this for themselves, not for Youtube. G+ wasn’t the big success they wanted it to be, if it was, they would’ve have forced Youtubers to integrate with Google.

  • Olaf2

    Lots of people read the youtube comments.

    Youtube was my TV replacement and social community. The fact that people were anonymous was good because it triggered discussions you would never have.

  • Felix Ray

    Does anyone doubt that if Google wanted to solve the problem of trolls that they could have simply allowed us to block the trolls? A button to globally eliminate belligerent users from my you tube. Don’t we have the technology?

    But they were trying to solve their Google Plus problem, and so they forced a solution that actually makes trolling more dangerous. Experience with Facebook proves that a real names policy can make victims of trolls and bullies more vulnerable to harassment. When fake names are outlawed, only outlaws have fake names.

    Amanda Todd 1996-2012


    Who reads YouTube comments? Well, for one, the people who make the videos, duh!

  • Al-Anal Screwwing

    yeah i’d rather rather video reshare comments on g+ (sarcasm)
    +ArrogantPrick shared this video on g+
    +ArrogantPrick read google glass soon to market
    +ArrogantPrick shared how to take from behind like boss pm g+

  • AnnJoyViewster

    I would love to see that! Google doesn’t care for any petitions, because there are no serious competitors so far. But if their top users and everyone who signed the petition moved to a different site instead, that would be fun! YouTube could quickly become a ghost town where only trolls lurk.