• http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitri-Rytsk/832808743 Dimitri Rytsk

    Google pays top
    price for AdSense for Domains clicks, yet such domains do not deliver anything
    for users, promotes domain squatting and is the subject for hacks and pain for

    Good move Google.
    Keep the net clean.

  • http://twitter.com/twinter Tim Winter

    When I got this email today I was very concerned, but when I looked into it, I see that Google is not going to drop me like I first feared. For some reason I have a hosted domain I didn’t even know I had. So what I’ve gathered, my Adsense for Content is very much safe but those with parked domains have to get their ads somewhere else. I had to deal with a similar issue with Amazon when they cut us California residents out…I guess the lesson here is, diversify your revenue streams! 

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  • http://myyouthbrigade.com/ Amir Nasir

    That’s a perfect step by google.

  • http://www.brautkleiderkaufen.de/ Hochzeitskleid

    this is a great news for all!

  • Anonymous

    That why google is the leader of search engine arena.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/54WSIMTWWISYLWQJNNMUQS23WM Charlie V

    This move by google is still not clear to me and very suspicious they use the term “hosted domain” equal to = “Parked Domains” a totally different terms do your search… Please note I don’t have Parked Domains or undeveloped domains it means you don’t need to fill “Hosted Domains” (except when you want to make money from Parked Domains) in Adsense to be part of their program. In the confusion like Tim Winter above said I thought google team was deleting me from adsense which not the case…

    This is the second email I received March 1 “Clarification about the upcoming retirement of AdSense for Domains in your account”


    Last week, we sent you an email about the upcoming retirement of Hosted domains in AdSense. In response to some questions we’ve received, we’d like to clarify how this change will affect your AdSense account:
    Our records show that you have 2 active Hosted domains. To see these domains, log into your AdSense account and navigate to the “My Ads” tab, then click on “Hosted domains” under “Domains”. The domains listed as “active” will become inactive on April 18. Follow the steps in our Migration Guide to continue earning income on these domains.If you don’t have any active domains at this moment, you don’t need to take any action.In this list, you should see that you also have 0 Hosted domains that are not active at the moment. These domains will cease to be available in your AdSense account on June 27.All domains with content which are monetized through any of our other AdSense products such as AdSense for Content or AdSense for Search will not be affected by this change.For more information about the retirement of Hosted domains in AdSense, please visit our Help Center. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    The Google AdSense Team

  • http://www.seothomas.com Thomas

    So what the heck is a hosted adsense domain? is that the same as Domain Parking?