• Marc Razia

    12 minutes per day = 6 hours/month.  Something doesn’t add up given that FB reported user averages 7 hours/month and we know G+ has not yet reached those levels.  I wonder if they mean that is the average of the users who they deem active.

    Whatever the case, G+ is clearly a slow and steady moving train of growth.  As long as it keeps growing it is going to make an impact even if its a few years off yet.

  • Gaurav Kapoor

    Actually I can easily believe that 6 hours/month number. What I have personally found that I spend more time in my G+ stream than on facebook, even if the number of updates may be less on G+. 

    This is so because the posts on G+ are longer and there is lot of content unlike facebook where there are more “status updates”, so I spend a lot more time reading and staying in my G+ stream.

  • Sarah James

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