• James Starkey

    Saw a drop of over 100,000 this morning… The good thing? We clearly weren’t the only ones!

  • Andrew Johnson

    My page’s +1 count decreased from 681 to 18 on Monday, but now it looks like it’s back at 681. I’ve noticed this same issue happening off and on over the past year.

  • Jared Frasier

    One of my pages dropped by 4 and the other by 7. Feelin’ kinda lucky right now…

  • http://steveplunkett.com @steveplunkett

    less spam.. #justsayin

  • http://www.facebook.com/tarwara99 Sunil Tarwara

    Why does Google not update page owners on it?

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    Kind of glad to see we’re not alone!
    All of our sites have been fluctuating. Here is what is odd:
    On our Google+ Profile LeadDiscovery.com has one number It used to be 67 – now 15
    On our website home page we had 67 but now have 7
    And still different numbers for http://www.leaddiscovery.com and another for leaddiscovery.com (not intended to be a link drop but as a pointer to a real example.).

    I understand that different pages receive a different count, however I thought the root address / and the root with default page address /index.php would be treated as the same?