• Anonymous

    It is a great point that Amazon will need to beef up its ability to sell advertising.  A corrollary is to predict that Google will acquire rights to resell the same breadth of books, movies and music as Amazon and Apple.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that Amazon reported 4 million Kindles sold, not 4 million Kindle Fires sold. Your story appears to imply the latter but obfuscates with vague wording. Your link on devices goes to a page seemingly unrelated to your point. My NYE hangover or yours?

  • Anonymous

    “Google has some of that same content-sales capability but it’s not as well developed.”

    What they lack in “content-sales capability” they make up for with their ad-sales capability. Seems like an obvious point to note at MarketingLand. Google can sell the devices at or just below cost, much like Amazon can, so long as it drives incremental ad revenue that offsets the hardware subsidization. 

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  • Knight Rider

    Acer Iconia 501 is better.

  • Greg Sterling

    Josh: Google has been talking about ad-subsidized devices for years. Let’s see if they make good on it with this one.

  • Greg Sterling

    Yes, that’s a bad link. Now fixed thanks.

  • Greg Sterling

    Agree. Kindle Fire is a pretty weak tablet by comparison to several others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.nikolow Peter Nikolow

    As iPad, Fire and Iconia owner – you’re right. Fire is weak. 

    But as content – Fire is competitor like iPad while Iconia is very weak. For first time i’ve seen tablet on Android market that is near iPad as full range ecosystem – quality, content, developer and device and user statisfaction.

  • Anonymous

    What would win in a fight between eggnog and milk to go with holiday
    cookies? Stuffing or dressing? And which do people most want to find
    under the tree — Banqueting hall (Birmingham)a Kindle Fire or an iPad 2?

  • http://twitter.com/SelfMedMusic Heather

    I think it’s great that Google is stepping up to make a tablet, since most of their electronics so far have been good. I have a Motorola Droid 2 powered by Google and I love it. It’s interesting that it’s a response to the Amazon Kindle though and not another brand, since I think Google and Amazon have at least somewhat of a partnership. 

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  • Greg Sterling

    Yes, Amazon has a content universe that is pretty complete. But here’s a metaphor for a larger problem. I already subscribe to the NY Times, but I can’t get the Android app on Kindle Fire because Amazon sells subscriptions to the Times.

  • Greg Sterling

    Google and Apple are “frenemies” while Amazon and Google have just become “froes.”