• http://twitter.com/strateniche Joe Manly

    Exactly, just shut up and do it. You don’t need to make a scene to show you are better – be Rocky – the quiet thumper

  • henreeG

    Well said Horowitz! Go Google.

  • http://twitter.com/gosilent gosilent

    Facebook is great, but the way they are working the ads lately is simply nuts! Nobody wants to go look at a stream full of ads…they need to be a little more subtle. Along the side is noticeable and useful. I don’t know what they should do for revenue, but they really should calm it down. I don’t like how the first post in the stream looks like a message posted by a friend and I find myself reading the small print first looking for the word “Sponsored.” Over it already.

  • Ben Anderson

    The video here is really all you need to understand about Google+.

  • smartone2

    The problem is that the ads try to use your friends to make them relevant

    but if you are getting an ad for levi’s and it says one of your friends whose fashion taste you do not care about “likes” levis that is a turn off

    however i think your friends helping you discover new things is the future in social.

    There is a facebook recommendation engine app that is better called recomendo.


    it recommends facebook likes for a user based on their taste and in addition.

    you can designate friends as tastemakers in specific categories and that influences what is recommended to you.

  • http://DCincome.com/blog Matthew Loop

    Good points above. Google doesn’t have a good track record with social so I’m not convinced they’ll overtake Facebook there. I think the Facebook “promoted posts” are pissing-off brands and businesses more than anything else. It’s almost like a bait and switch. “Here, build your fans on our network so you can reach them all in one place… but wait, now we’ll make you pay to reach them.” Seems they are desperate to make money for shareholders and are willing to forsake users.

  • Hvacrpro

    GOOGLE has Destroyed the groups on YOUTUBE, because they dont want social networking to be anything more than a straight marketing tool for their profit gain or benefit. Google cant buy FB, so they are throwing this out there in hopes it is something that will grow old on people, which all social networking is very time consuming. Ppl want more than just what it does now, FB has become stale just like myspace had. social network is now becoming a tool for Corporatism networking to spam book everyone, with their ads and their likes, and clicks. profits before people. the new society principle of value in America.. thank the Neo Con Corporatist. so much for regulation and big govt protection for the consumers…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583370369 Ricky Roux

    Bro, who are you??? And why do you behave in such an arrogant way .. facebook is way ahead of the race, and why do u react that way when u hear the facebook name … u r LAME! also, I thought google was supposed to stand for everything that is good … in my book your comments merit an explanation .. they even sound a little evil … I don’t know .. from here u kind of look like when yahoo was afraid u were coming in strong … or maybe not… I am just sayin .. get real bro .. the tech sector really doesn’t need haters …

  • Jeffrey James

    really??? Bro, u sound like a plant for facebook… i don’t know…kinda evil….u r lame-o as well…. u sound like uber hater bro, i don’t know…. just sayin’

  • davidquaid

    Love Google+ but Google’s getting a little bit arrogant. There’s a lot Facebook does do that Google+ doesn’t yet. G+ is much neater, cleaner and I think 2013 will be an epic year.

    But I’m growing tired of Google’s arrogance. Charging for Google Apps — its a second rate application, a mere dinosaur compared to Office365 and other online editors. Also, Analytics is slow, clunky and out of date.