• socialjulio

    Yay, my name on MarketingLand.com! That will help me compete with other Julio Fernandez’ out there, like the Professor from Columbia University (that .edu is killing my ranking) and guitarist Julio Fernandez from Spyro Gyra. Seriously, a move in the right direction but what about all of the local publications that have police blotter sections? They link to the mugs and Google will continue to index them. I guess the best solution is… don’t get arrested!

  • http://ngoquangdao.com/ AskSock Ngô Quang Đạo

    Google play not fair.Money to them and we have new ranking algorithm! hmmmm..

  • Roger Triton

    I personally think Google is a parasite company for their various privacy-invading terms of service. Good to see the Mugshots industry got beat down a bit; how long until they find a way around the new code?