• http://dineroynegocioseninternet.com/ tony

    this seems to be a hard fought battle between two companies, Does Apple or Google android?, in products such as tablets I find it hard to choose

  • Daniel Rose

    12 Million Tablets with Android Market! Google is only counting devices with Android Market. The Kindle Fire and Nook are on top of that. Same is true for the overall figure. Google is not counting the chinese phones without Market either. PLEASE, check your facts before writing something like this.

  • Benjamen Meiers

    I prefer paying less to get more for my tablet. Maybe the reason you haven’t seen so many android tablets on your travels is because … and this is my experience, i use my device when i need to, while i see mac/ios users pull out their device just to show people they own a device with an apple sticker on it.

  • Anonymous

    Rubin explicitly clarified that the 12M number does NOT include Kindle Fires, Nooks, etc — only tablets shipping with Google services.