• Nicholas

    I don’t believe Mark ever said anything about the potential release date being next year. Source?

  • gregsterling
  • Killer_Kopy

    Is this a joke? A cardboard VR headset, seriously this is a joke right? If google is to be taken seriously in the VR market I’m not sure this is the best approach. Oculus Rift has some serious people working on their team. They even stole the Google Glass lead engineer. Maybe Google is still butt hurt over that.

  • scampcat

    Pretty sure it’s simply a proof of concept to slow down Oculus Rift’s marketing freight train.

  • Nicholas

    Mark isn’t even mentioned in that article! Lol

    Neither does anyone in that article ‘confirm’ the Oculus will be released next year. What you have is beta news creating a misleading title based on misinterpreted information in order to try to get views.

    Either way interesting article if what they say about their next VR project is true.