• ebuzznet

    Nice Plugin…It will save a lot of time

  • Jason Darrell

    And those using WordPress.*com* are stuck with Zemanta’s shite image library, I guess.
    Dodgy images that may or may not be subject to licensing…

    …we can but cross our fingers in hope.

  • Chris M Cloutier

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • E.Dieter Martin

    I’ve had my share of troubles with this plugin. Mostly with CC attribution not appearing. Also, the last update was in Nov’12, which makes it questionable for 3.5.

  • jeffyablon

    Of course, using this blows away your chance of controlling the SEO component of pictures in your posts. Think you’re better of spending the time and saving that control: http://answerguy.com/2013/04/22/copyright-influency-website-content-trademarks/

  • http://web-marketing-advisor.co.uk Pete Stevens

    Just checked it out, looks promising for certain image type searches, “kids sport” threw up a couple of good ones “content management” was rubbish, but then not sure you would do any better searching creative commons directly. Hate the premium stock photos by the way.

    Will give it a go, but suggest before inserting the image click edit and then scale to reduce the file size, unless you want a slow loading blog!

  • Ali Gammack

    I like this!

  • rocketmankev

    I tried it also, and had some issues with adding media. The button would not work.

    I would recommend just avoiding and use Flikr

  • http://web-marketing-advisor.co.uk Pete Stevens

    I thought the button didn’t work too, but then realised it added the pic to the media gallery, you can edit, scale the image then add it to your post from there. I’ve not actually used it live yet so still in the promising category.

  • http://twitter.com/skmodask Maria Vankova

    I will be testing it right away, this could save me a ton of time.

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Harsh Agrawal

    I have never tried this plugin and it looks very handy and useful.. Thanks for useful addition..

  • http://www.notaruk.com/ Melynda Duke

    Lovely plug in, You have got really some awesome informative plug in.
    Like ebuzznet said it will save really lot of time.